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Sedona Journal of Emergence June 2001

Sedona Journal of Emergence June 2001

"At the beginning of this year, I reviewed the transits of the planets, month by month. June stands out as a challenging time, including conflicts of interest, chaos and complex and diverse polarities—all aimed at providing the student of life the opportunity for sorting things out. The higher forces confront the lower forces, challenging each of us to come into an alignment, examining our beliefs and aspirations compared with our habitual activities. Identify the qualities of the spiritual warrior within yourself to combat the negative forces from the consciousness of neutrality in order to diminish the energy that attracts battle." —Barbara Shere

"June could be a profound month this year. This year of 2001 stresses emotions and feelings, and this month brings many issues to the surface that have been long buried in the collective unconscious. Long simmering feuds flare up into open wounds. Angry groups and nations air their differences with passion and drama. The opportunity presents itself for wise leaders to exercise a detached, higher level of negotiation based on inspiration and inner laws that follow spiritual principles." —Lynn Buess

"Today we will talk about living in the realm of miracles, which is to say, being the magic of who you are. Are you ready to transcend the veil and ascend to your next level of being? Indeed, many of you think you are. Have you integrated the teachings that have come before this one, about loving your cells and then loving all of your imperfections? In truth, you really have no imperfections; you just think you do. Have you opened up the lines of communication with your cells? Have you prepared your pathway of self-acceptance? These things are essential if you are to become whole in your awareness of self as divine." —Carol Sydney

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