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Sedona Journal of Emergence July 2001

Sedona Journal of Emergence July 2001

"There flows forth about you great love and joy for the very decision you have made. You have chosen to remain incarnate, to dance the dance of your being, to reside in that divinity of your own self called paradise incarnate. Bravo to you! For be it known that those who choose to remain incarnate, who choose to flow within the consciousness that speaks to them of the divinity that they are, have the great opportunity, so to speak, of designing just exactly how they will experience their residing upon Earth. In this manner we speak with you regarding the choices of the present moment called eternity." —Pretty Flower through Miriandra Rota

"Let’s begin by saying that you are the world’s best and only true natural resource. Humans, both collectively and as individuals, are a magnificent source of energy, a storehouse of unquantified and unqualified energy. Other resources—such as fossil fuels, hydroelectric power and natural gas—pale in comparison, because humanity is a naturally occurring renewable resource of this planet that is able to balance, enhance, interact and manage other planetary resources. No other resource can claim that or take it away from you." —Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

"As we observe the journey of the human soul and all you have created, we would say that it is a marvelous, truly wondrous existence. Always our intent is only to awaken within you the remembrance of all that you already know.
It seems to us that you often focus on an individualized area of your totality, forgetting that you are complete and whole and cannot be isolated by components of the body, spirit, mind, soul and emotions. It is an inclusive, total creation of your own human adventure." —Salem the Great Light through Diandra

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