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Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2010

Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2010

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Table of Contents


* Almine, Reflections on Abundance
* Avery, Frankie Z: OMA, A Meditation: Open the Golden Door
* Beaconsfield, Hannah: The Pleiadian Light, Hope for Extraterrestrial Contact
* Carroll, Lee: Kryon, Against All Odds: The Amazing Potential for Change
* Chapman, Cathy: Amma, Exercise: Working with the Bodysoul
* Coates, Judith: Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), The End of the Cycle
* DeVoe, Daniele: Sarrinn with Metatron, Life Freedom
* GeMMell, Deane: The guardians, From One Physical Dimension to Another
* Herman, Ronna: Archangel Michael, The Lines of Communication Are Open to the Higher Realms
* Kingdon, Kathlyn: Djwhal Khul, Finding Courage in the Divine Heart
* Leckie-Clark, Lynette: Kuthumi, A Year of Preparation
* Lewis, Pepper: Gaia, Reality Quaking: Redefining the 2012 Phenomenon
* Michaels, Jeff: Onereon, Seasons of Life
* Miller, David K.: Juliano, the Arcturians and Chief White Eagle, Earth's Alignment with the Arcturian Star Gate
* Rota, Miriandra: Expanded Consciousness and Pretty Flower, This Year Is All About You
* Selacia: The Council of 12, Pivotal Moments in Time
* Shapiro, Robert: Zoosh, Update on ETs and UFOs
* Sterling, Kahu Fred: Kirael, Ascension: What's Holding You Back?
* Tyberonn, James: Archangel Metatron, Universal Beginnings and the Crysto-Electric Cosmos
* Ward, Alexandra McColm: Golden Arrow, Emotions and Growth


* Clement, Stephanie, Mercury and Mars Welcome the New Year
* Karén, Michelle, Daily Aspects: A Time in Hindsight
* Smith, Rhonda, Inspired Spirit Building the Physical


* Arguelles, Jose, The 2012 Prophecy
* Fraser, Heather, Feeling Our Way to a New World
* Self, Jim, The Shift and the Mastering of Alchemy
* Thrasher, Marcia Reeves, Companion Communication: A Clear Path


* Antenucci, Mary Ann, Essences of Nature
* Cox, Lynne, Self-Discovery for Children
* Moore, Tom T., Ask for Benevolent Outcomes and Change Your Life
* New and Notable Books
* The Dream Zone
* Simon, Stephen, The Movie Mystic
* Sparrow, Rochelle, Ask Rochelle

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