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Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2002

Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2002

“This energy vibrates so high that it will continue to move the consciousness of the Earth. Some of you continue to say, ‘That’s all very well for me, but it doesn’t change the decisions that our leaders are going to make or help the wisdom factor.’ Oh yes, it does!” —Kryon through Lee Carroll

“When you learn to shift your energy from judgment to allowing all to be as it is, when you understand it is all showing you the myriad parts
of creation, when you understand and accept every experience as neutral until human judgment comes into play, then you will recognize your life experience as the spiritual journey, the vision quest that it truly is. Then in every moment you will see spir-it, you will see essence and you will see energy flowing through everything.” —ieoya and the Group Consciousness through Pauline Larson

“A world of light and a world of shadows have coexisted on Earth and within humanity for thousands of years. It is time, once again, for the light to manifest itself unimpeded upon the Earth, and you are the bearers of this wondrous gift..” —Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

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