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Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2001

Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2001

"It is time for you to work on becoming again who you really are in your heart or in your head. So many of you have come to this planet from other universes, other dimensions and other planets. The Mother you call Earth is a nurturing, loving entity, created to respond to the call of the heart." -Pam Murray with Wellspring and Luminus

"We sacred runes welcome and appreciate your soul combinations with our vibrations. We celebrate you, star-chiming across galaxies among our kin. Read us aloud, then silent again. Our mother keys are resonance and rhyme, for they/we transcend all star systems, all perpetual times." -MuRasha Rowntree

"Each time you choose to reside in peace, love, and truth, you are parting the sea of illusion and celebrating truth. Each time you laugh and skip and play, you are celebrating what is rather than giving credence to what is not." -Pretty Flower through Miriandra Rota

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