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Sedona Journal of Emergence February 2001

Sedona Journal of Emergence February 2001

"Your teachers come from many different dimensions and places. These beings have been your favorites because you are more attuned to their presence and their teachings than others who work with you on the more subtle planes of experience." -Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

"Life isn't about 'how to.' Existence is about existing; it's about being-and that, dear friends, is the only admonition we will give you. However, if you choose to view your progress in the following manner, you will recognize the steps you have taken to move through the process. And therefore, if you choose, you can measure yourself to a degree against your progress." -The Wonders through Rene Gaudette.

"We can expect that in even a short period of time, perhaps in the next twenty years, there will be many technological changes in lifestyle and medicine that we cannot even predict. At the same time, there will also be this continued process of leveling amongst people so there will be no extremes of rich and poor, but everyone will have enough." - Djwhal Khul through Violet Starre

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