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Sedona Journal of Emergence December 2010 - Predictions 2011 & Beyond

Sedona Journal of Emergence Decemeber 2010 - Predictions 2011 & Beyond

December 2010 Vol.20, No. 12 Table of Contents


  • Clement, Stephanie, Celebrate the Rekindling of Spirit
  • Smith, Rhonda, Mastering Manifestation in the Physical: 2011
  • Karén, Michelle, Finding Spiritual Freedom


  • Almine: Coming to Our Senses After a Life of Excess
  • Avery, Frankie Z: OMA, The Indigo Chorus
  • Bóinn, Vera Nadine: The Lullites, Ascending Your True Self in the Coming Days
  • Carroll, Lee: Kryon, The Secret of Mastery
  • Chandran, Rae: Master Kuthumi, Hidden Secrets Are about to Be Revealed
  • Chapman, Cathy: Amma, Intense New Energies Bring Positive Change
  • Coates, Judith: Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), Fifth-Dimensional Perspective
  • Commander Aleon: Kar Dar Monka, Disclosure from Above and Below
  • Davis, Joshua: The Planetary Tree, Connected by a Web of Life
  • DeVoe, Daniele: Sarrinn with the Ancients, Chaos Fades, Creativity Flourishes in 2011
  • Dorer, Therese: Mother Mary, Embrace Your Shadow and Move into the Light
  • Ellen,Virginia: The Divine Feminine, Your Superhuman Body
  • Gentile, Norma: Mary, Your Body, Your Soul, Your Compassion
  • Hansen, Bente: Mother Mary, One Thousand Years of Peace
  • Herman, Ronna: Archangel Michael, Law of the Circle, Law of the Triangle
  • Jones, Ms. Lily: The Eloheim Beings, Earth History Predictions for 2011
  • Kingdon, Kathlyn: Master Djwhal Khul, A Year of Appreciation
  • Lanxner, Kate: Orion and King James, The Signpost
  • Leckie-Clark, Lynette: Kuthumi, A Year of Unity
  • Leigh, Amy: The Continuum, Willingly Suspend Your Disbelief in Love
  • Lewis, Pepper: Mother Earth (Gaia), On the Cusp of a New Age
  • Lotus Fire: Archangel Gabriel, Seeing Is Believing
  • MacBeth-Louthan, Gillian: The Star Walkers, The 11:11:11 Gateways of 2011
  • Mara, Jill: Simion, Darkness Will Be Overcome By the Wave of Light
  • Michaels, Jeff: Onereon, Return to the Light
  • Miller, David K.: Juliano, The Year of Gaia
  • Moore, Judith K. and Sean Sands: The Great Wisdom, Cosmic Forces Illuminate Earth’s Transition
  • Neate, Tony: H-A, A Year for Initiations
  • O’Riley, Carolyn Ann: Archangel Michael, Ticktock
  • Richardson, Catherine: The Galactic Frequency Council, Are You Sabotaging Your Own Ascension?
  • Rota, Miriandra: Merlin, Tools for New Ways of Thinking, Being, and Perceiving
  • Rother, Steve: The group, Approach and Ascent
  • Rowland, Molly: St. Germain and the Council of Light, Live Empty to Rise Above
  • Saga-Oracle: The guardians, What Can We Do Together?
  • Selacia: The Council of 12, A Year to Bridge the Gap
  • Shapiro, Robert: Zoosh and Grandfather, Solar Flares Bring You More Creative and Astrological Capabilities and Talents
  • Stah, Alexandriah: Commander Ashtar of the Solar Star Command, Aligning Your Intention
  • Sterling, Kahu Fred: Master Kirael, Taking Action and Making Your Voice Heard
  • Tyberonn, James: Archangel Metatron, The Ascension Triad
  • Watson, Maurene: New Ascended Masters, Accepting the Dream in Your New Universe
  • Weser, Catherine Bean: Dwahl Khul, Escaping the Quantified Life
  • Ziegler, Helenita: The Council of Unity, For the Thrill of It All!


  • Fynn, Andrew, Birth Day from the Clouds


  • Fraser, Heather, Self-Love: The Bliss of Union
  • Shumsky, Susan, Surfing the Ninth Wave Into Unity Consciousness
  • Wright, Tom, Walking through the Doorway of Questions


  • Antenucci, Mary Ann, Essences of Nature
  • Dass, Ram, Be Love Now
  • Goldman, Jonathan: Shamael, The Power of Sound to Heal Our Bodies and Our Planet
  • Loewenburg, Lauri and Katia Romanoff, The Dream Zone
  • Moore, Tom T., Request Benevolent Outcomes
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