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Sedona Journal of Emergence April 2011

April 2011

Sedona Journal of Emergence April 2011

April 2011 Vol.21, No. 4


  • Bell, Kenton David: the Beloved, How to “See” What You Want into Manifestation
  • Carroll, Lee: Kryon, The Year 2010 in Review
  • Coates, Judith: Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), You Are the Starseeds of the Future
  • Coutant, Michelle: The Akashic Records, Look for God within Yourself and in Others
  • DeVoe, Daniele: Sarrinn and the Ancients, Your Resonance Has Lifted
  • Herman, Ronna: Archangel Michael, You Are Developing Your Individual Sunlight
  • Hinman, Star: the Angels, You Are the Warriors of Love
  • Kingdon, Kathlyn: Djwhal Khul, Cultivating Loving Kindness
  • Leckie-Clark, Lynette: Master Kuthumi, Wealth, Self-Esteem, and Creation
  • Mara, Jill: Simion, Balancing the Five Levels of Soul
  • Michaels, Jeff: Onereon, Shaping the Future By Creating Love
  • Miller, David K.: Juliano, sananda, and Archangel Metatron, The Ladder of Ascension Over Jerusalem
  • Moore, Judith K. and sean sands: Mother Mary, A Message of Hope
  • Noonan, Lois: Metatron, Fill the Atmosphere with Love
  • Raefiel, Athene: the Council of Nine, Spirit Speaks
  • Rota, Miriandra: Expanded Consciousness, Emerging from the Illusions and Distortions of Survival
  • Rother, Steve: The group, Magnetosphere Whiplash
  • Selacia: the Council of 12, Responding to the News
  • Shapiro, Robert: Zoosh, The Stabilized Passageway to the Eden Version of Earth Is Ready
  • Shapiro, Robert: Visitor, 2012 Is Happening Now: Old Ways of Life Fall Away, and Eden Is Ahead
  • Sterling, Kahu Fred: Kirael and raven, The Avatar You Are and Fourth-Dimensional Bilocation
  • Tyberonn, James, Metatron, Crystal Activation Energies At Work in Arkansas
  • Ward, Alexandra McColm: Golden Arrow, What Is Our Greater Potential?


  • Almine, Manifesting a Life of Peace
  • Jackson, Silas, Integration through Panacea


  • Clement, Stephanie, Thirteen Signs of the Zodiac? Not!
  • Smith, Judy, Understanding the Zodiac Can Improve Your Business
  • Smith, Rhonda, Responsibility Brings Abundance


  • Buffa, Marlene, What the Wizard Has For You
  • Prothero, Jenn, The Highway to Inner Peace
  • Redlich, Dr. Tobi, Balance in Partnership: Working with Flower Essences
  • Yaxk’in, Aluna Joy, Inner and Outer Revolutions
  • Zellea, Wendy Ann, A Few Thoughts on Higher Self and the Law of Attraction


  • Antenucci, Mary Ann, Essences of Nature
  • Cox, Lynne, Activities for Children
  • Loewenberg, Lauri and Katia Romanoff, The Dream Zone
  • Moore, Tom, Request Benevolent Outcomes
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