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Sedona Journal of Emergence April 2001

Sedona Journal of Emergence April 2001

"Using entertainment, music or books as an escape from the hard times of everyday life is good for you, but the content must be free from situations that only bring on more stress and distress. As the seasons change and the weather grows warm and sunny, go outside and find pleasure again in nature. Let the nastiness behind the picture tubes find no audiences! Encourage your kids to play outside again. Provide sports equipment, coach them in good games to play, encourage their creativity in building or making things. This is how they grow to maturity with sensible and sensitive values." —Peter and the Masters of Light through Ruth Ryden
"The mind, when separated at least mentally from the heart, is capable of wonderful insights, though it is also capable of just as wonderful insights when strongly bound to the heart. But when mentally separated from the heart, it is also capable of appalling atrocities. And it is this latter that has been your greatest challenge. It still is, though perhaps one of the saving graces of your time is that technology is beginning to serve you in a most valuable way through worldwide communication from individual to individual. Worldwide communication has been in effect for some time and there is great hope in this, yes, great hope." —Qua Chi Cantsa through Robert Shapiro

"The advent of your technological age has made physical proof of many such phenomena commonplace. You exist side by side with many different energies as well as with a variety of beings of light from this dimension and several others as well. It can be said that your advance belief in the possible existence of energies like these made the physical experience an easy one. Most often believing is seeing, not the other way around. Perhaps humanity’s love/hate relationship with technology will yet yield unfoldments that will serve the greater good. Let us now acknowledge that simple confirmation regarding the existence of these energy orbs is not the singular response you have been waiting for." —Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

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