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Trauma and PTSD: Resolve The Pain To Recover Your Life

Trauma and PTSD: Resolve The Pain To Recover Your Life
Chapman, Cathy

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The four-part trauma healing was profound enough to provide more confidence. I learned so much more about who I am as Soul. I learned techniques that I can apply as more memories of past trauma flashes into my consciousness. Healing what has happened in this life enables me to heal past-life trauma.

All the tools are in this book to heal you now.

- Amellia

When an event, a tragedy, or a horror occurs (which is contrary to who you are as love incarnate), the tendency is to hold on to the energy of that pain to keep it from causing further damage to you or to others. In Trauma and PTSD: Resolve the Pain to Recover Your Life, Amma’s Healing Friends, known as Amiya, take you through a process so simple that all you need to do is read as you allow the release of all that is not you. What is not you? The pain, the horror, the fear, the rage, and even the energy of those who harmed you trapped within you – none of those things are who you are. All those feelings, whether they belong to those who caused harm or they were your responses to the trauma you experienced, can be released and transmuted to the vibration of the love the Creator, the Source of All.

Simply take this book into your hands, connect with the spiritual beings who surround you, and say, “I am ready to release the pain of all that happened and come to know myself as the love from which God created me.” Then read. Take in the words even if you don’t understand the how and why of them. Know that you deserve complete healing, and accept that healing. You can have your life back again.

Chapters Include

  • Trauma Is Part of the Human Condition
  • Identify the Seed Wound
  • Conquer the Obstacles of Your Beliefs
  • Emotional Reactions Identify What You Need to Heal
  • Strengthen Your immune System
  • Detach from Victim Identity
  • Remove All That Hides You as Love Incarnate
  • The Power Is in the Asking
6.0 x 9.0
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