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Song of Freedom

Song of Freedom
Moore, Judith K.

One woman's spiritual journey from the depths of covert government mind-control experiments to the height of healing and awakening. Judith Moore knew she had been brought up by loving parents. Before age forty, she had no memory of childhood trauma although she knew she had been sick a lot more than most people. It wasn’t until she joined an incest survivors’ group to help her adopted daughter that the memories began surfacing. At first she feared for her sanity, for these recollections were of painful medical experiments, torture, and sensory deprivation at the hands of the United States government.

In this brave and groundbreaking work, Judith Moore shares her shattering revelations of the reality of high-level mind control. She opens the pages of her journal and the innermost feelings of her heart to share with the reader her journey to wholeness and to healing. As memories flood her consciousness, she struggles to make sense of what is happening, to process the information in accordance with her lifelong worldview of love, intellectual curiosity and deep respect for nature.

Her early environment, rich in Native American folklore, helps her in her quest. She researches, travels, investigates, and meditates in an effort to set herself free, to reclaim her very sense of herself as a person. Her search leads her into terrifying unknown territory and illuminates discoveries about her own psyche and that of today’s society as a whole.

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This story of resilience and self discovery is truly moving. The way youve tackled your past traumas and embarked on a journey towards healing and understanding is a testament to your strength and determination.
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She shares her path to


She shares her path to healing and wholeness with the reader by opening the pages of her journal and her deepest emotions. | twitter.com/Moral_Support_

Excerpt: Interview from "The Great Shift"


" Song of Freedom, My Journey From the Abyss" is a tool for healing. I
believe that reading this book will shift your perception of reality and
greatly expand the parameters of your consciousness. "Crop Circles Revealed
Language of Light Symbols" gives the reader the tools to emerge the Golden
Age we have long awaited. Together they are invaluable tools for the
journeyer on the path to awakened consciousness.
I leave you with this thought. I was in the Albq. Airport on my way to
Texas for the Body Mind and Spirit Expo. It was the first time I was to
make a public presentation on both Crop Circles Revealed and Song of
Freedom. I was standing in line to get a cup of coffee. Like I always do,
I greeted the man standing next to me with a warm good morning. He beamed
and said, " you have made my day by standing in line next to me." I did
not tell him who I am or where I was going. He then did something rather
unusual, he looked very intent and said, " See that bronze sculpture of the
Native American catching the Eagle? " Of course I saw it is a gigantic
bronze that greets all passengers in the entrance to the terminal in Albq..
Airport. I always admire it. He continued," I think you need to go over
and read the plaque on the base of the statue." I thanked him and promptly
followed this synchronistic suggestion. Here is what it says:

" The dream of flight is born
within the heart of man,
embracing the desire to be free from the confines of
Earths Surface

Hopefully the dream includes the possibility of
Freedom from limiting thought and action

As our imagination is freed to receive greater truths,
Then fear, closed thinking and poverty of spirit will be left behind
Far below"
Lincoln Fox

I have placed my feet on my path of destiny, I am guided by the angels.
I sent forth my story as a prayer that the children will suffer no more, I
know a miracle is at hand. Blessings on your journey,


An almost unbelievable story


An almost unbelievable story of the abuse of power, and the incredible power of a human being to climb from the abyss.
Judith Moore has written her lives story and with this also has erected a statue of Freedom for the Soul. This book will certainly play an essential role in history, we will say in 10-years time!