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Harmonious Healing and The Immortal's Way

Harmonious Healing and The Immortal's Way

This book details Jasmuheen's personal healing journey and includes information on the magic of meditation, plus pragmatic tools to reenergize and find the perfect program for healing.

Today one in four adults dies unnecessarily from one of the seven deadly diseases. Perhaps this is due to a lack of holistic education, or perhaps it is just that person’s time to die. But how do we know if what we are facing is our checkout time or just a life challenge? What about spontaneous healing? What about healers like the Brazilian miracle man, John of God?

In late 2004, I was diagnosed with a deadly carcinoma. My choice was to immediately have further surgery or to begin chemotherapy. I chose neither. Instead, I began an adventure into the field of alternative healing, discovering radical new light ray and sound wave technologies, diagnostic tools and new therapies based on the aboriginal concept of the dreamtime.

All of this I explored during the early part of 2005 while deciding if I wished to remain on Earth, knowing that the main part of my work was complete and that I could now choose to go. The first part of this book details my personal healing journey. The second part of this book reveals the magic of meditation plus pragmatic tools to reenergize and find the perfect program for healing. The final section offers research on alternative diagnostic and treatment systems. Discover the door to the immortal’s way!

Chapter Titles:

  • Life Enhancement Tools
  • Diagnostic, Cleansing and Healing Tools
  • New Technologies
  • Dignity and Dying
  • The Crossroads of Choice
  • Statistics of Disease
  • Meditation Magic
6 x 9
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This book's second section


This book's second section explores the benefits of meditation as well as useful strategies for apex roofing whangarei recharging and identifying the ideal healing regimen.