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Giza Legacy

Giza Legacy
Paganini, Rico

This book contains accounts of expeditions into the mysterious realms of the pyramids and the sphinx, which are key to both our origins and our future.

Will humans overcome their technical, material worldview and find their way back to the freedom of the spiritual world? This can only succeed if we can realign with the lost legacies of ancient times and can decipher that wisdom. Scientists and spiritual explorers alike are striving to penetrate the hidden worlds of Giza. The discoveries they have made are nothing short of breathtaking. Some may suspect it while others already know: Here, both in and below the pyramids, lies the key to a liberating truth for all those who seek it—the Giza Legacy.

In this groundbreaking book, Rico Paganini provides a fascinating overview of developments and discoveries involving the pyramids and the Sphinx. Modern technology combined with spiritual sensing abilities enabled him to penetrate spheres that have been blocked until now. In the course of many excursions to Egypt over several years, a world-shattering realization came to him: The real secret of the pyramids has yet to be recognized. It has little to do with how they were built and their incomprehensible size and geometry, but instead it has to do with their metaphysical significance and their function as a guidepost to the subterranean world beneath them.

In this book, the author takes us along on some of his expeditions. He meticulously documented all that he experienced in photographs and sketches. The book features hundreds of photographs as well as maps and 3D graphics, which give us an impression of the structures found both above ground and below ground in Giza and of newly discovered chambers and even the legendary Hall of Records. Giza Legacy paints a picture of a fascinating world in which the meaning of Giza is placed in a greater context that goes far beyond the borders of Egypt. It is nothing less than a new, or rediscovered, human history traced far back to the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. The clues are there for all to see wherever the ancient megalithic structures remain. And the clues extend far beyond the distant past into the cosmos and the far-off constellations of Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades.

Rico Paganini reveals the correlations that have until now been taboo. In a fascinating and methodical manner, he opens our eyes to the spiritual world behind the mundane material one, showing us how, through archeological discoveries, we can gain access to an entirely new worldview. However, a shadow has been cast over the historical remains of the three ancient cultures. For years and with increasing tempo, a far-reaching wall is being built around the pyramids and Sphinx. Giza Legacy impressively documents the dimensions and significance of this dramatic development.

For if they are here, both inside and beneath the structures—the answers to great questions of humanity lying hidden—then should scientific and spiritual researchers remain excluded from their discovery? Who or what lies behind the ridiculously extensive Giza Wall?

Where do we come from? Where are we going? This book will affect those who ask themselves such questions. It is not just an extremely thorough report on the world wonders in Egypt but a report about the spiritual hope of humankind.

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Walking UNDER the pyramids & the sphinx, August 16, 2011


By spirited jeff - See all my reviews in Amazon

This review is from: Giza Legacy I (Hardcover)
Rico Paganini is a true pioneer. Most of the 350 color photos photos in this amazing book are from Rico's camera as he was beneath the pyramids of Giza or visting sacred sites around the world. He is searching for our connection to the ancient races our history books don't acknowledge and Edgar Cayce, the "sleeping prophet" in the 1800's, was the first one to speak about. Cayce spoke about a room, during his many thousands of documented trance readings, that would someday be discovered under the paw of the sphinx and it's contents when revealed to the world would change our perspective on the history of civilization forever.Rico has been in search of that room and believes he has found it!
I would recommend this book to anyone who has thrilled to watching the History Channel's Ancient Aliens series. This gives you a guidebook for all the tons of fascinating information that blew by you in that series. This gorgeous book also contains computer generated images that give you an idea what these undergroud chambers look like as well as where they are located undrground. Rico also astonishingly went under the pyramids on the QT w/o the sanction of the Egyptian govenment because he says most Egyptologists don't want people revealing facts that could lead to a rethinking of who in fact built the pyramids? Any digging that leads to facts that show Egypt as not being the civilization that built the pyramids is denied access to them according to Rico, so quiet explorations are the only place the truth can come out... but the Truth will come out.
I feel Rico's book, "Giza Legacy" is such an important and physically beautiful book, being printed on high quality glossy paper it will make a beautiful edition to your library. I do hope the History Channel finds out about this book soon and sees how it makes a natural companion to their first Ancient Alien series.
Yes this is a chunk of change to pay for a book, but you are also supporting someone who spent seven years traveling the world, hiding underground in dark caverns in order to bring this exciting perspective of a new world history that has the potenial to change the way we see our place in the world...forever! Yes, buy this book. Give this man support for his courage and willingness to reveal deeper Truth to the world in order to bring to light the greater Truth that still lies hidden from sight under the earth."May the Truth Come to Light" Rico Paganini. If you wish to know the Truth, here is your guide.