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The Explorer Race Series (Book 23): Steps on the Path of Transformation, Volume One

The Explorer Race Series (Book 23): Steps on the Path of Transformation, Volume
Shapiro, Robert

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As you read this material, this is what to keep in mind: Your path might be completely different from what this book attempts to show you. So when you read this material, don’t think, “I can’t possibly do that.” Rather, think about what is familiar to you.

You will experience times when you have read a page or two and something feels as if it resonates within you. It might not be a sequence of words that you find in a paragraph. It could be words that came together from different paragraphs, creating in you a sense of familiarity. This tells you that these books are not just about thoughts or ideas. The books are about transformation.

Even if you have difficulty reading the books in the language they are in, go through them and put your hands on some of the pages, or touch the pages to your arms or other parts of your body to see whether the books — with all the words, letters, symbols, and numbers — can in some way trigger a dream, a vision, or a moment of inspiration in you that helps to bring about a better life for you and those around you.

Good luck, and good life in this pursuit. — Isis

Chapters Include

  • You Traverse to Your Home Planet in Deep Sleep
  • Solar Flares Bring More Creative and Astrological Capabilities and Talents
  • Allowing Perception without Judgment Moves You to 3.56
  • A Stable Pathway to the Next Dimension Was Created on 1/11/11
  • The Stabilized Passage way to the Eden Version of Earth Is Ready
  • Old Ways of Life Fall Away, and Eden Is Ahead
  • Earth Changes and How to Help
  • Shift Your Energy Production
  • Adapt Now to Survive
  • You Are Losing the Mask You Created to Survive
  • You Are Being Activated from Inside to Become Your Spirit Self in Your Day-to-Day Life
  • The Polarity Reversal Affects Men
  • Earth and Humans Are More Electric Now
6 x 9
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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