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The Explorer Race Series (Book 18): ETs On Earth, Volume 1

ETs on Earth
Shapiro, Robert

In the beginning of the Explorer Race adventure, ETs on Earth were a normal thing. In fact, you — all humans on Earth — were ETs who came from many different planets thousands of years ago, and you felt that Earth was a wonderful place where you could thrive.

Keep that in mind when you read about these ETs who still happen to be visiting Earth. In this book, as well as in other books that have material like this, if you can keep that in mind, it will not be too surprising or shocking. In fact, most of you will be ETs again in another life, and your youngsters just might be ETs from Earth visiting other planets in the future.

This should be a fun read and a gentle reminder that ETs are just friends from some place else — you might say from another neighborhood.

— Zoosh

Chapters Include

  • ET Beings Use Green Light to Support Earth Beings
  • Humans Are Going through Rapid Changes on Earth
  • Update on ETs and UFOs
  • Blue Spiral Light over Norway
  • A Glimpse Beyond the Explorer Race
  • Will There Be a Phony ET Invasion on Earth?
  • Orbs Are Lightbeings Visiting Benevolent Spaces
  • You Traverse to Your Home Planet in Deep Sleep
  • The “Little People” Are Humans from Alpha Centauri
  • Beware of a Staged ET Invasion
  • Crop Circles: Origins, Purposes, and Mysteries
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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