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Dimensional Journey: Encounters and Teachings

Dimensional Journey: Encounters and Teachings

Why do paranormal phenomena occur? Are there only a select few who have encounters with energies and beings from other worlds or dimensions? Soon after Linda Ball moved to Bradshaw Ranch, located twelve miles outside of Sedona, Arizona, at the end of a long, bumpy dirt road, she found herself confronted by these questions. Magnificent orbs of light and frightening energies, Grays and beautiful beings, portals, extraterrestrial craft, and more propelled Linda onto a journey of immense spiritual growth. In Dimensional Journey: Encounters and Teachings, Linda openly talks about her experiences on Bradshaw Ranch and even shares the spiritual guidance she received from her messengers during that time.

In the years that have passed since her extraordinary experiences amidst the red rocks around Sedona, Linda has come to realize that "yes, there are high-energy spots on this Earth that provide phenomena. But there is also another energy spot that creates this setting and that is us—humankind. We, as humans, continually evolve, creating a higher energy within ourselves. This works as a conduit for those who wish to observe another aspect of life within the cosmos. This path we call life is filled with many wonderful experiences if we only realize how capable we really are." In other words—we all are capable of embarking on our very own dimensional journey.

This book includes thirty-two full-color pages showing other-dimensional and off-planet phenomena.

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Although those who are


Although those who are interested in psychic phenomena can easily assemble file cabinets full of interesting accounts, and perhaps in some cases begin to experience such events themselves, it is the exception to discover people who can compliment high-quality widespread psychic experience4s with corroborative witnesses and hard-core solid data. For those who research psi, it is usually the case that there are realms of unsupported claims and often material that is psychopathological, but it is unusual to have a rich assortment of documented psi. In Dimensional Journey, author Linda Ball presents a plethora of "confrontations with extraterrestrials, Bigfoot, light anomalies, and hissing five-foot reptiles." Indeed: a tall order! But worthy of attention because of her detailed presentations. Her examples show that psi is seemingly boundless and has a mind of its own. Dimensional Journey is a great book and should be read by all who are curious about themselves and the paranormal!


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