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The Diamond Light

The Diamond Light
Starre, Violet

“The purpose of this book is to present esoteric teachings similar to those given to Alice A. Bailey during the period between two world wars and offer them to the public in an updated form that is short, concise, and simple. The original teachings from the Master Djwhal Khul were presented in lengthy volumes that were somewhat difficult to understand without a thorough background in the religion known as Theosophy, founded by Madame Blavatsky in the late nineteenth century. It is the Master's current wish that he contribute a short book to the world that is simple and clear to the general New Age reader.

"The Master is one member of a planetary council of spiritual beings who exists within another dimension and guides the spiritual destiny of this planet and the life forms on it. Although a spiritual government exists, it does not interfere with the free will of humanity but occasionally sends teachers to guide us.

"The Master would like to convey the concept that he is accessible to average mortals and does not reserve his communication only for the most well-read and well-known advanced souls. Rather, he is available for those who most desperately need him, who feel as if they are struggling to survive in the modern world without a message of hope."
—Violet Starre

Chapters Include:

  • Toward a Cosmic Psychology of Being
  • Inhabitants of the Fourth Dimension
  • Thoughts on Love, Sex, and Relationships
  • The Language of Mythology
  • Into the Millennium and Beyond
  • Atlantis
  • Creating Prosperity
  • Karma, Reincarnation, and Mortality
  • The Christ
  • The Seven Rays
  • Dealing with Daily Life
  • Shaping Your Future
  • The Ascension Process
  • Time and Probability
  • The Etheric Levels
  • The Arthurian Legend
6 x 9
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The Master wants people to


The Master wants people to understand that he is reachable by common mortals and does not limit his communication to the most literate stone wall and well-known evolved souls.

Very Clear Message


I've been reading books on "the meaning of life" for over 30 years and "Diamond Light" stunned me with it's clear message delivered in a warm, matter-of-fact style. It's easy to understand the concepts presented here and begin to put them into practice in your own life. If you are just starting to explore writings like this, or have done so your whole life- this book is wonderful and informative... Get it today and enjoy the game we call Life!

Inner teachings in a simple form


As a long time student of the Mysteries I am impressed by this first publication by Violet Starre. To my inner perception it is a genuine communication from the Master DK.

The material is a useful update of the Alice Bailey writings and in a style that is easily readable. Quite profound exercises and understandings are phrased so simply that the student needs to pay careful attention or risk missing them.

The more experienced students may find the new material here confirms some of their own inner experiences.

In my opinion Violet Starre shows as much promise as Alice Bailey did in her first publication.