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Dedicated to the Soul/Sole Good of Humanity

Dedicated to the Soul/Sole Good of Humanity
Vosacek, Maria

As a doorway to the light, this book offers a vision of the world we would create if our lives honored the supreme force, God the Father. Through personal experiences and her own visionary view, the author offers a feast for thought illuminated with verses from the Bible.

“The finite is the infinite waiting to be freed. Evil (error) is good gone astray—the misguidance of the one power. The child of God with the unlit candle knows it not, for the breath of ignorance has tombed the wanting, sightless eye.”

To open the unseeing eyes of the reader, there is a series of explorations drawn from Maria's life of seeing beyond the doorway into the light. It is profoundly moving and inspiring.

These explorations include:

  • messages communicated through nature
  • dreams, voices, and visions in divine light
  • healing oneself and others with love
  • UFOs
  • family, relationships, marriage, and children
  • dreamtime/spiritual classroom
  • crystals as windows of light and intelligence
  • transmutation and ascension
6 x 9
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