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Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness

Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness
van Etten, Jaap

Crystal skulls invoke a sense of mystery. What was their role in ancient times? Are they important for us in current times? Can they assist us on our spiritual journeys? How? Although much has been written about them, many questions still linger. This book addresses many of these questions on practical, subtle-energy, and spiritual levels.

This long-awaited sequel to Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon weaves practical information on crystal skulls with meditations to provide a deeper understanding of the role of crystal skulls in expanding consciousness individually and of humankind as a whole.

Filled with useful guidance for both beginners and those who have worked with crystal skulls for long periods of time, Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness addresses essential issues: what material crystal skulls should be made from, what size to choose, how to clean them, and what to do with them. The most important part of the book addresses awakening the potential of a crystal skull. Learn about the energies of these awakened crystal skulls and the effects they have on the spiritual development of individuals and the collective consciousness of humanity.

This book invites you on a journey of awakening the potential of your crystal skulls — and consequently awakening yourself. Several meditations are given to support this journey along with descriptions of the known ancient and old crystal skulls, making this book a “must have” for anyone interested in crystal skulls and in the journey of spiritual development.

Chapters Include

  • Crystal Skulls and Their Characteristics
  • Choosing a Crystal Skull
  • Preparing and Maintaining Your Crystal Skull
  • Working with Your Crystal Skull
  • Processing Information Connected with Crystal Skulls
  • Crystal Skulls and Creating Reality
  • Legend of Thirteen Crystal Skulls and Star Nations
6.0 x 9.0
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