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Acupressure For The Soul

Acupressure For The Soul
Fallon, Nancy

How to Awaken Biological Spirituality and the Gifts of the Emotions

Acupressure for the Soul offers a revolutionary view of the emotions inspired by a comment of Seth:

“Any strong emotion carries with it far more energy than, say, that required to send a rocket to the moon. Emotions send thoughts from this interior reality through the barrier between nonphysical and physical into the objective world—no small feat, and one that is constantly repeated.”
—Seth, session 625, The Nature of Personal Reality

Emotions, instead of something to manage or get rid of, are portrayed as magnificent sources of power to fulfill one’s innately good purpose for being on Mother Earth at this time. The ancient teachings of Oriental medicine, combined with the author’s knowledge and personal Shamanic-like experiences provide the reader with a unique formula of how to experience biological spirituality and utilize the gifts of the emotions.

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One of the features that I


One of the features that I most appreciate in Reflections on Ascension is its accessibility. Thanks to Anina's introduction and practical comments throughout, one can easily recommend this book to someone not familiar with, but open to the concept of Ascension. But perhaps my favorite feature of the book is the light-hearted wit shown by St. Francis and Anina. No doom. No gloom. That we can learn and grow through joy and humor is such a Blessed message. Thank you St. Francis and Anina?”

This book explains how the


This book explains how the emotions develop from conception through adolescence. It points out how crucial emotional development is to a person choosing to lead a altruistic, cooperative and creative life resulting in a person being naturally moral, automatically considerate of others and having a healthy passion to fulfill his or her purpose in life.

Acupressure for the Soul By Nancy Fallon,Ph.D.

There is an important part of this book missing. It is in Appendix Two, Emotional Energy Development Chart Expanded. The Ways To Heal are missing from the AGE: Preschool (Age 3 through 5, or until second teeth come in) the independent stage. They should be at the top of page 143, but they are not. I would really like to have this info, as it is the main age that I bought the book. If you could provide it to me I would greatly appreciate it.