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Putnam, William

William Putnam

William Putnam is the honorary president of the American Alpine Club (AAC), which is a community of climbers, boulderers, and alpinists who have banded together to support the climbing way of life, protect the places they climb, and watch out for one another. William Putnam, along with the AAC has been inspiring and supporting the climbing community and protecting its playgrounds around the world since 1902.

A Tale of Two Passes (Hardcover)

An Inquiry Into Certain Alpine Literature

William Putnam's book chronicles the history of two important routes through the Alps, which are devoted to treasuring the history of Mont Cenis and the Great Saint Bernard passages. Both of these passes were prominently and frequently used by the Romans in establishing and maintaining their empire. It is surmised that Hannibal and his troops found elephant-friendly passages through the Mont Cenis corridor.

How God Did It, Not Why

This entire literary endeavor to separate Biblical literalism from observable reality was prompted by the fact that one supposedly erudite scholar managed to propound on American National Public Ra