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Koppa, Mary Fran

Mary Fran Koppa is a visionary artist and writer. After a near-death experience in 1987, she had several profound visions of a spiritual nature, which led her to the study of the Mayan Calendar. She then created a series of forty-three pastel drawings based on the solar glyphs, tones, and planets of this sacred calendar. These paintings help explain cosmic or divine energy. Mary Fran has published many articles on the Mayan Calendar. She has also published a wonderful Mayan Calendar Coloring Book with drawings of the solar glyph paintings. She has written this Mayan Calendar Birthday Book to simplify the birthday information.

Mayan Calendar Birthday Book

On the Mayan Calendar, every day of the year represents the energy of one of the twenty solar glyphs and one of the thirteen numbers, called tones.

Mayan Calendar Coloring Book

Coloring book of line drawings derived from the twenty solar glyph paintings by Mary Fran Koppa. The solar glyph found somewhere in each picture holds the energy for the day.