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Bateman, Wes

Wes Bateman

Wes Bateman was a telepath with direct open contact to ETs from the open state, who are not subject to Earth human's Frequency Barrier–caused, close-brained, and limited consciousness. Bateman had over thirty years of ongoing information on the open state; the Federation; the Frequency Barrier and how it affects humanity; ETs and evolution; a wide spectrum of technical and scientific information, including mathematics and the universal symbolic language; and the three trading houses of this system—all part of the Federation's history of this part of the galaxy and beyond.

Knowledge From the Stars

The author of Dragons and Chariots and the four Ra books shares his thirty-year adventure as a Federation telepath and the wisdom brought to Earth through his telepathic connections.

Through Alien Eyes

The accounts given by extraterrestrials in this volume are about events that occurred in our solar system many millions of years ago. In that ancient time, the solar system consisted of four planets and four radar systems that orbited the central sun. The four planets of the solar system are known today as Venus, Earth, Mars, and a now totally shattered world that was called Maldec.