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Barlow, Cheryl Gaer

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Cheryl Gaer Barlow has been communicating with angels most of her life. She attests that the first holy angel of God she ever saw floated through her window to appear before her in an intense blue-white light. The angel spoke to her, reached out to touch her forehead, and spoke to her. This was neither a dream nor a vision but a genuine visit from an angel of God.

“We give you the most powerful words given to any mortal,” the angels told Cheryl on a subsequent visit. Cheryl was told she had been chosen to bring the words of the holy angels of God to Earth and that this was the reason she had been born on the planet at this time. “There’s no trace of anything occult about this,” she says. “I feel the angels beside me, dictating the words. They made clear that they are not disembodied spirits but truly hold the light of God.”

Knowing she was part of something spiritual and significant, Cheryl wrote down the words of the angels exactly as she received them, regardless of her own beliefs. The messages Cheryl received were wise, informed, and uplifting, and they solidified the truth of her experience. The angels gave Cheryl not only words but also immense feelings and perceptions. “I then understood how the soul integrates with the intellect to determine the quality of thought and thus the quality of the soul,” she explains. “I felt a refining and a softening into a tenderness I’d never before experienced. I have one foot in the heavens and one on Earth.”

She lives simply in a small New Mexico town. In addition to communing with the angels, her other passions include painting and bronze sculpting.

Angels Explain Death and Prayer

We are the angels of the Mallbon. We are meant to tell those of Earth that the death of the body is never to be feared. We help in ways not understood by humanity. We can manifest anything we desire. We can live as humans on Earth. When we absorb the reality of Earth, we work God’s wonders in ordinary ways.

God and the New Spirituality

The message of this book is to tell the souls of Earth about the wonders of God, the glorious angels, the heavens, the Earth, and all existence.