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Armstrong, Virgil

Virgil Armstrong

Virgil Armstrong, better known as "Posty" throughout the world, is a retired Army Intelligence Office who served eight years with the country's top intelligence agency and ten years as one of the original Green Berets. As an Army Intelligence Officer, he was a participant in the USA's first known capture of a UFO: "Project Grudge" at Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico, in 1948.
As an outgrowth of this incident, Virgil instigated his own research effort to study and uncover further evidence of the UFO phenomenon, developing telepathic abilities to communicate with higher intelligence.

The New Age Primer

Welcome to the New Age. It is here. Now. Everywhere. From the way medicine treats the body, mind, and spirit to quantum physics and the films you see, you are noticing a changing reality.