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Argüelles, José

José Argüelles

Joseph Anthony Arguelles (January 24, 1939 – March 23, 2011), better known as José Argüelles, was a world-renowned author, artist, visionary, and educator. He was the founder of Planet Art Network and the Foundation for the Law of Time. He held a PhD in Art History and Aesthetics from the University of Chicago and taught at numerous colleges, including Princeton University and the San Francisco Art Institute. He was the twin brother of poet Ivan Argüelles. As one of the originators of the Earth Day concept, Argüelles founded the first Whole Earth Festival in 1970 held in Davis, California.

The Arcturus Probe

Arcturus is the name given to the star system some thirty-seven light-years from our own. It includes at least a half dozen planetary bodies and is many times larger and much older than our own star and its system.

The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology

Visionary historian Argüelles unravels the harmonic code of the ancient Maya providing valuable keys to understanding the next twenty years of human evolution.