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2013 & Beyond: This World is a Community

2013 & Beyond: This World is a Community
Lewis, Pepper

Once a year Gaia offers us a practical, in-depth and specific guide to the year ahead, with projections far beyond that. It continues to be my privilege to share this knowledge with you.

“Gaia weaves words and wisdom into unique messages that linger and tease until even the obvious reveals something hidden. I look forward to this all year long. I crave it…”

Gaia, our sentient earth, continues to be the mother of our resources and the best teacher I know. And now it’s time to turn our attention to 2013, where a new horizon awaits. This year’s topics include:

• 2013 – up close and personal

• Peace and Propaganda – how opposites unite

• New Principles in Prosperity – a world in search of its missing treasure

• Mystical Archaeology – history solves its own riddles

• Eco-Intuition – how to align with nature

• Cause versus Coincidence – a case for synchronistic advantage

• The Chosen – the many outnumber the few

• Spirit, Mind and Body – reordering the lifestream of awareness

• Measure by Milestones – Constructing the new from the old

• When Sunshine turns to Gold – a Now Age awakens

• and much more!

“2013 is going to be an important, value-added year for most, its principal feature being community based thinking and movement. It will invite and insist, offer guidance and hope, and challenge you to grow beyond previous limitations. You will be asked to discard some, if not all long-held beliefs and to shed the deep-rooted, archetypal images of an ‘era in passing’.

It will be essential that you learn not to cling to ancient, recent or timeworn ideas about purpose or privilege as this will only thicken the mists that have fogged your newer sensory abilities, delaying or prolonging soul’s momentum.

A new era is no more than a threshold away, but where and when to cross is unique to the individual; like a swift running river, one must choose the optimum moment to port, float or ford – to be in tune with nature is key! Be well and not wary, coordinating a new future is simply a matter of rearranging what you see today into something more pleasing. Life is not an audition, prepare to LIVE!” ~Gaia

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