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Sedona Journal of Emergence November 2000

Sedona Journal of Emergence November 2000

"The Earth reality is formed from a set of energy principles, some understood and others not available for understanding from the premises that man presently holds. Humanity is learning about energy through the concept of creatorship. Energy is a power source that is ready to be used." - Vywamus and Dorothy A. Bodenburg

"Dear human family, whatever is happening in your lives, we ask you to discard it now and use the interdimensional gift of suspension of time that we have told you about. You have that power, so use it now, if you wish, in order to focus on what we have to tell you." -Kryon through Lee Carroll

"There is going to be a drive from inside of you, almost like you have another being in there that resides in the heart, that is going to start taking over. The heart will just want to do this. Now, there may be a tendency for a little too much gaiety in that respect. You will have to catch yourselves, because when the shift starts happening, you must be in the center of your being." -Holy Spirit through Arthur Fanning

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