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Sedona Journal of Emergence May 2002

Sedona Journal of Emergence May 2002

“The seed fear is the fear of enlightenment, the fear of peel-ing that onion of duality. It’s the fear of “finding the prophet inside.” And that’s the truth. What we say to you about this fear is that it’s a false one. It’s given to you to keep you constantly wondering what’s real and what’s not. It’s often responsible for the very fence you’re on. The joke is that you’re an actual angel of God! Yet there you sit, wonder-ing if any of this is true.” —Kryon through Lee Carroll

“Use your gift of free will now to align your egoic mind with your divine mind. Say to yourself each day, “I and my Father/Mother God are one!” Feel that with every ounce of your body, mind and soul, and you will become an instrument of miracles and
manifestor of the dream.” —Essene Master Jesus the Christ through Isaac George

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