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Sedona Journal of Emergence March 2001

Sedona Journal of Emergence March 2001

"You as human beings, occupying the world of duality at this particular time in history, are destined to play very integral parts in the dance of the new creations that are now coming to your world. Pay particular attention to each event and to each person who comes into your life experience, for indeed there are no coincidences." -Ieoya and the Group Consciousness through Pauline Larson

"Here is the peace, the connection, the piece that you are always striving to find. Most of the time you are looking outside yourselves! We say to you, children, come within, deep within, for it is the only place you will find this peace, this connection." -The Messengers of Prosperity through Debra Loucks

"My people are very interested to see not only how the differences between these different beings can be moderated, but also how they might be turned in such a way as to compliment each other. As a result, I've been very gratified to see a tremendous increase in all-over interest along these lines in other planets and other cultures." -Ketchin-sa through Robert Shapiro

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