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Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2009

Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2009

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Table of Contents

* Amun, Scott: The Historical Jesus, We Are All Related
* Avery, Frankie Z: OMA, Actualize Spirit within the Physical Dynamic
* Carroll, Lee: Kryon, The Shift Is Here
* Chapman, Cathy: Amma, Living in Your Heart Source
* Commander Aleon: Monka, Prepare for the New Earth
* Davenport, Anina: Saint Francis, The Power to Manifest Highest Good
* DeVoe, Daniele: Sarrinn, Opportunity Knocks
* Gervais, Carolyn: Higher Self, Higher Power, Are You Hearing Me?
* Haggard, Linda and Eric: Gaia, Simply Living with the Earth
* Kingdon, Kathlyn: Djwhal Khul, Focus Your Mind
* Lewis, Pepper: Gaia, Rounding the Corner to the Fifth Dimension
* Mewhort, Wendy: The Children, Freedom for the Children
* Miller, David K.: Juliano, The Cosmic Pulse
* Petty, Ouita: Higher Self, Prescription for Harmonious Change
* Rota, Miriandra: Expanded Consciousness, To Become As Paradise
* Rother, Steve: The group, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
* Rowland, Molly: Saint Germain, Working in High Definition
* Selacia: The Council of 12, Response Strategies to Financial Crisis
* Shapiro, Robert: Grandfather and Timeline/Timeloop Specialist, 11/11/08: 2 Degrees Closer
* Shapiro, Robert: Grandfather, Predicted 2012 Catastrophes Will Not Happen!
* Shapiro, Robert: Grandfather, The 2012 "End of the World" Was a Benevolent Action
* Shapiro, Robert: Isis, Creator Instigates End of Suffering on Past Timeline
* Sterling, Kahu Fred: Kirael, Portal Workers, Are You in or Out?
* Ward, Alexandra: Golden Arrow, Get in and Stay in Your Energy Flow


* Moore, Tom T.: Take Control of the New Year


* Karèn, Michelle: A Time to Redefine Relationships
* Smith, Rhonda: Loyalty to Your Values and Self
* Taylor, Donna: Align with Your Higher Self


* Antenucci, Mary Ann, Essences of Nature: Clearing Out the Old
* Cox, Lynne, Self-Discovery Activities for Children: Spaceship Adventure
* Malonie, Kim, The Animal Whisperer
* January 2009 New and Notable Books
* Romanoff, Katia and Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, The Dream Zone
* Sparrow, Rochelle, Ask Rochelle

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