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We Are One: A Challenge to Traditional Christianity

We Are One: A Challenge to Traditional Christianity
Norquist, Ellwood

Praise for We Are One:
“Is there a more fulfilling way to deal with Christianity than by perceiving humankind as foundationally sinful, separate, and in dire need of salvation? Or are all of us embraced, accepted, and received by the love of a God that knows no separation or duality—only oneness?

“In the dynamic series of essays that form the exciting and visceral new book, We Are One: A Challenge to Traditional Christianity, Ellwood Norquist presents us with a wisdom-filled paradigm of new thought.

“To answer this age-old question, Mr. Norquist, noted philosopher and teacher, has written a compassionate group of essays that raise the questions, discuss the issues, and share the answers.”
—Richard Fuller, Senior Editor Metaphysical Review

“This is a book that will suggest to the reader the possibilities for new ideas to shape themselves from old and well-defined images and orthodoxies.

“Ellwood Norquist draws from a variety of disciplines and resources to point the reader in a direction that will assist in defining humankind as foundationally divine, in union with its Creator, and already saved with the simple suggestion that all we need to do is 'wake up' (much like Alice did in Wonderland) to the notion that we really never did leave the Garden.”

—Dr. P. David Wilkinson, Pastor of St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church in Tucson, Arizona

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