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Ultimate UFO Series: The Zetas - History, Hybrids, and Human Contacts

Ultimate UFO Series: The Zetas - History, Hybrids, and Human Contacts
Shapiro, Robert

“The beings on Zeta Reticuli are the future selves — granted, several million years into the future — of the beings on Earth right now. On the soul line, this has to do with your evolution to become more, to be more established benevolently on a creative level. By the time your souls become those Zeta Reticulian beings several million years into the future, you will be able to interact with all life in the most benevolent way while being strongly intellectual and scientific.
In this way, your science will have a complete balance with heart and soul. This is one of the greatest aspects of significance between you and the Zeta Reticulian beings as of this time. So to them you are their past lives — that’s why they’re so fascinated with you — but for you, when you interact with these beings, you are truly meeting, in many senses, your future.”

—Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

“If you can do nothing else when you read this book, look around on your planet. Look at all the different forms of life and know that from the smallest to the largest, they all have cousins on other planets. And while they might not look exactly the same on other planets, there are similarities that you would notice, not unlike how you notice similarities from one family member to another. They do not look identical, but there are similarities. When you travel, you will note that, but when you return, you will always be happy to be home. Welcome to the universe.”

—Joopah through Robert Shapiro

Chapters Include

  • Children of Isis: Path of the Zeta
  • Diplomacy and ET Contacts
  • Describing the Zetas
  • The Zetas in Human History
  • Roswell and the Case of Billy Meier
  • The Effects of Time Travel
  • Parent Race of Zeta
  • Creation of the Zetas
6 x 9
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