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Merging Dimensions - New Edition

Dongo, Tom

On a secluded ranch near Sedona, Arizona, strange events mysteriously began in 1992… What does it portend for us all?

Over 100 actual photographs of incredible events, otherworldly beings, strange flying craft, and unexplained light anomalies!

6 x 9
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Merging Dimeneions


A GREAT BOOK! I was in Sedona back in 1994 and I had incredible experiences there. If only I had a camera for the AMAZING things I saw. I HIGHLY recommend this book!!

Great stories from the Bradshaw Ranch


I enjoyed this book and used to go vacation in Sedona every year to hike. On one yearly visit, my wife and I drove out in the dark on the long dirt road that led to a turn off leading down to the entrance to Bradshaw Ranch. My wife and I parked on the knoll at this quiet intersection, which overlooked popular canyons in the distance downslope. Because we were parked very close to the ranch, we believed we might witness some of the events Linda and Tom wrote about in this book. We asked silently that if anything were present, to show itself. Immediately, a red sphere several feet in diameter illuminated above us and stayed in place. My wife became scared of what was happening and then the red light just turned off and disappeared. It was a memorable experience and there is no explanation of what it was other than a large, brightly illuminated red orb.