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Look Within

Look Within
Free, Scott

This collection of poetry by Scott Free will help ground and focus your energies through its message of love, understanding, and hope.

From the introduction:

"Look Within is the work of a baby boomer. A generation that is not willing to live in blind obedience to traditional values. A generation that disassembled the old structures piece by piece to determine which parts of the structure would be true and functional within the new version of reality that they are creating.

Digging deeply into the foundations, many like Scott Free found a basement full of socially incorrect emotions, buried alive. How could these emotions be set free at last? By each individual embracing all emotions as valuable and necessary components of a whole and healthy human being. Acceptance of all emotions as equal.

Emotional acceptance and emotional equality is that which is the balance point that brings integration and peace at long last. The new leaders can now include those who have become self loving and socially responsible through this unconventional process.

Thank you Scott Free for giving us permission to love and express all our parts."
—Chrysona Laura S. Phillips

5.5 x 8.5
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