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The Human Energy Field: Auras

The Human Energy Field: Chakras
Chapman, Cathy

"Amiya’s Encyclopedia of Healing is a must for healers and those interested in healing themselves. Cathy Chapman is an exceptionally clear channel, and I am most grateful to her for bringing this information forward at this time."
— Marianne Crouse

"Transform your thinking with the power of the material in this book. This is a powerful tool to manifest healing for yourself or others."
— Michele Wolf

We are Amma’s Healing Friends, Amiya, and we are here for healing. Your self-healing is the goal. We will give you information that you can use to heal yourself. Every time you go to someone for healing and say, “Okay, you do it to me,” that is not participating in self-healing. However, when you go to another and actively participate in that healing, you are self-healing because you open your heart, mind, and spirit to receive the energy and then bring balance within you.

As you go through this book, your job is to open your mind, heart, and spirit — your self — and lay yourself open. Then the healing energy sent to you balances to your highest good.

The purpose of this message is to let you know that it is crucial for you to participate in your self-healing when you go to someone else, and it is critical for you to do self-healing with yourself as the healing facilitator. It is also important for you to know that encodements are the tiniest essence of All That Is, or the I Am presence — whatever name you wish to use. Encodements are the building blocks of everything you see. Finally, know that you are love.


  • Choose a Journey of Love
  • You Are the Power and Presence of God
  • Your Healing Tools
  • Curse Energy and Its Removal
  • The Structure of the Aura
  • Strengthen and Repair Your Aura
  • Work with the Auric Layers
  • Your Energy Vortexes
  • Bring in High Vibration Energy
  • Know Your Power
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