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The Golden Lake: Wisdom from the Stars for Life on Earth

The Golden Lake: Wisdom from the Stars for Life on Earth

Beginning with the classic book The Prism of Lyra in 1989, Lyssa Royal-Holt’s channeling has focused on presenting profound galactic wisdom in a grounded way to assist our lives on Earth. In this book, the most detailed and powerful channeled teachings that have come through in recent years are presented in depth. These new teachings are sourced from ancient Vega mysticism – the awakening teachings brought to Earth in ancient days from both Sirius and the Pleiades called the School of the Nine Serpents. After millennia of absence, our Sirius and Pleiadian ancestors have now resumed their teachings to match the next phase of human evolution.

This book contains two threads: The first thread is the awakening teachings of the Pleiades that were part of the ancient school called the Golden Lake Teachings. These work with the heart and have the gentle and distinct flavor of our Pleiadian ancestors. The second thread is the Sirian teachings that make up the structural foundation of the School of the Nine Serpents.

You don’t need to believe in the reality of extraterrestrials to gain immense benefit from the wisdom in this book. These teachings are consciousness—centered and based on the necessary integration of body, mind, spirit, and emotion, as well as light and shadow.

Together, the Pleiadian and Sirian teachings provide an invaluable road map for the next phase of human evolution – the integration of polarity and the awakening of human consciousness beyond duality.

“Lyssa’s unique ability to access detailed galactic history brings a deep sense of cosmic family, bridging the vastness of space and into the human experience."

- Jamye Price, author of Opening to Light Language

”This profound material encourages humanity to choose to go through the process of awakening instead of allowing self-destruction. This insightful perspective helps us deal with the serious challenges that face us individually and collectively.”

-Barbara Lamb, MS, MFT, CHT, author of Meet the Hybrids

Chapters Include

  • The Lyran Path to Awakening
  • The Vegan Lineage
  • Our Diverse Galactic Family
  • The Bigger Picture
  • The School of the Nine Serpents
  • Ancient Pleiadians and The Golden Lake Teachings
  • The Spaces between: Introducing the Quantum Map
  • Emotions and the Quantum Map
6 x 9
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