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The Ring of Truth

The Ring of Truth
Lewis, Pepper

A new addition to our What's New & What's Next series, and a very practical and useful approach to finding and nurturing truth in all that we say and do. Wonderful guidance on how to find fulfillment during these interesting and challenging times.

Do you apply a personal truth in some areas of life and a more global truth to others? Gaia tells us that this is because our daily reality takes place in a world of distortions and distractions. Here is a deeper understanding of temporary truth vs. permanent truth, seeds of truth, simple truths and how to elevate them, higher truths and more.

Includes additional discussions on how to find our own magnetic center for clarity and discernment, information vs. knowledge and more. Fans of Gaia's insightful and humorous storytelling will also enjoy the latest skillfully inserted selection.

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