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Believe It or Not: Walking the Path of Original Thought - CD

Lewis, Pepper

Our personal and planetary path is littered with understandings and misunderstandings. It seems like at almost every turn we are offered a new reality or a different truth from which to choose. Is there one collective truth that stands above the rest, or is truth as diverse as we are?

So much of what we think and do is based upon the past beliefs of our collective consciousness, but where and when did these beliefs originate? More importantly, if we continue to draw upon our past, how will we free ourselves from re-enacting it? Some of the questions explored on this CD set are:

  • What is Pure Thought and where does it come from?
  • What is the difference between Original Thought and Creative Thought?
  • Does our future already exist, and if so, on what plane or dimension?
  • Why do even the most advanced races and teachers tell us different versions about who we are and why we are here?

Take this opportunity to follow Gaia between and beyond the veils of human illusion and belief systems.

A 3-CD Audio Presentation

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