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Work, Rich

Rich Work

Rich Work believes that true healing comes from within. He has worked with thousands in the United States and Canada who have manifested their healing into reality—physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and socially. From mended souls to mended bodies, the testimonies are too numerous to mention.

For more than thirty years, Rich's path has been one of finding his own answers and empowering others with the tools he has learned. Rich has spent most of his life following his heart and living his truth. In that journey, he discovered that truth continually changes as conscious awareness expands. And it is not the knowing of your truth but the living of your truth that changes your life. Having personally conquered cancer, heart disease, mercury poisoning, chronic fatigue syndrome, malaria, and asbestos poisoning, his pursuit of the healing arts has brought him to the awareness of the ability to heal from within and bring into harmony the totality of all that we are.

In the business world, Rich was an organizer who through necessity had to see the big picture. It was natural that when he was faced with extraordinary health challenges, his mind looked for the broadest perspective from which to view the human healing process. He believes it is time to put an end to making a career out of healing our beings and move into the celebration of life. On the leading edge of understanding the journey of the soul and taking the mystery out of mastery, he demonstrates to us the simplicity of healing and takes us on a beautiful gentle journey of understanding the divine nature of our beings: to move beyond limitation into mastery.

Whether conducting lectures or Awaken to the Healer Within and Mastery for Life workshops or when facilitating a personal healing, Rich is dedicated to sharing tools and concepts of mastery, thereby assisting in expanding the consciousness of humankind and healing the universe.

Awaken to the Healer Within

Awaken to the Healer Within is an empowerment of the soul. An awakening within, it is a releasing of bonds and emotions that have held us tethered to physical and emotional disharmonies in our lives.