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Michaels, Jeff

Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels is a well-respected author, channel, spiritual advisor, and metaphysical teacher. He is on a life-long path of service with over thirty years background in ministry, crisis intervention, hypnotherapy, energy work, and creating and leading motivational workshops. His commitment is to guide others to find and follow their own personal spiritual paths. His direct style is well balanced with humor, helping his clients regain or maintain joy in the challenge of living. Jeff and his partner, Jill Q. Weiss, own and operate Quintessence, a much-loved peaceful oasis, offering quality products and services. Quintessence opened in Crystal Lake, Illinois and has relocated to Southern California.

Quintessence 1

Voices in the Sky


Seek love, seek joy, seek peace. Inside this unique book you will find encouragement in seeking these qualities as you pursue your spiritual path. Do not fear the coming days. Difficulties will pass. A new age is not simply approaching, it has begun.

Enter this time with love for each other under all circumstances. Find joy in living no matter what is happening around you. To act in a peaceful way is to act in a spiritual way. This is your future if you choose.

Harmonic Coalescence

The future of humanity begins today. The future of humanity begins with you. Harmonic Coalescence offers practical guidance for thriving in these changing and challenging times. Increase your inner peace. Gain a higher perspective on life. Connect with your spiritual companions.

How to Become the True You

Are You Seeking to Create a Spiritual Life?

Touch the Earth

You are not alone! Enter a world of spiritual communication.