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Gaudette, Réné

Réné Gaudette

Deep trance channel Réné Gaudette has been on a personal journey of self-awareness, enlightenment, and growth since 1987. Following a near-death experience as the result of a snowmobile accident in February 1989, Réné realized his life was about to take a major turn when childhood memories began to resurface and he reawakened his deep trance psychic abilities. As he later recalled, his parents had taken him, at the age of three, to see a psychiatrist because he was always "talking in his sleep." At age five, he told his father he “wanted to go to sleep and get paid for it.”

In 1990 while meditating, Réné began answering questions. Since then, he has developed his ability to remove 99.9 percent of his logical mind/personality/fears during his deep trance channeling sessions. Réné is one of the few deep trance psychics able to move into a deep trance with just one breath, making him a truly gifted trance channel. Réné set out to channel the highest energy source willing to speak on Earth. This request gave us the Wonders.

Since 1993, Réné has been actively channeling the Wonders, who have made clear on several occasions that they "choose to speak only through Réné." Thus Réné continues to be the exclusive channel to the information being presented by the Wonders.

The Wonders: The Defining Statements of Existence

This book was developed from a series of six sessions on what the Wonders term the "defining statements of existence," which define the totality of all existence and provide us with an opportunity for growth and understanding.