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Bruce, Edith

Edith Bruce

For over a half century, Edith Bruce touched and lifted the lives of thousands of people with her powerful healing influence and gentle loving guidance. She worked tirelessly and humbly in the Father's service since her late teens. Edith developed psychic abilities at an early age and was a visiting spiritualist medium and spiritual healer in many parts of the UK through her adult years. She established her church, The Temple of Light, in Aberdeen where she officiated as spiritual leader until her move to Canada in 1987. Her work as a medium, healer, counselor, and spiritual teacher brought her in touch with countless people throughout North America.

The Keys To The Kingdom

The truth of life well lived is simple; it always has been. Throughout humankind's history, the Father/Mother God's guiding light has shone through a band of humble yet powerful brothers and sisters, masters all.