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The Circle of Grace: Frequency & Physicality

The Circle of Grace: Frequency & Physicality
Frankel, Edna G.

Did you know that you have a cleansing mechanism built into your nervous system that clears out stress, strain, and pain? The Circle of Grace is a simple active meditation that puts you in charge of releasing excess internal pressure and re-energizing your body with new universal energy whenever you feel the need. Care and maintenance of the aura are vital for your physical health! Learn how to consciously reconnect to your higher self. Learn about pre-ascensionitis, how to identify etheric blockages, and the real location of the Veil of Forgetfulness.

This book also offers a concise review of metaphysics, how to wield the universal laws, and an energetic view of the human form never before seen in print. The Circle of Grace is a wonderful shortcut to attaining and maintaining your lightbody, and creating the bright, joyous future that you deserve. It is now time to shed your 3D density and to gracefully expand into the heightened energies of the millennium shift of 2012 and beyond.

6 x 9
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