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Light Technology PublishingLight Technology Publishing offers Books of Light that give our readers Guidance and Benevolent-Magic Techniques to move them Safely through these Tumultuous Times.

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Dr. Todd, as he is called, is a widely respected researcher, pioneering Laser Physicist and speaker on the topics of Anti-Aging and Life Enhancement and an expert in the Field of Longevity and DNA rejuvenation.

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New Products

The Explorer Race Series (Book 22): ETs On Earth, Volume 3

ETs Are Real!

See What They Have To Say.

Many of you are ready to welcome ETs — if not in your personal lives, at least interchanging with element bodies in large groups. Some of you are prepared to shake hands. Even a few want...

(more info) $16.95
Are You A Walk-In?

17% of Earth’s Population — 1 Out of Every 6 People — Are Now Walk-Ins.

There is a phenomena happening now that is confusing many people. Some people think they’re crazy when they’re not. Some people think other people are crazy when they’re not....

(more info) $19.95
Pamphlet for Life

In Pamphlet for Life, the Spirit of Space with Gabriel et al., through Arthur Fanning, provide inspirational information on where we are going and what we need to learn.

“With the simplicity of breath, take these words in this book and move through the system of the self for...

(more info) $16.95
White Beacons of Atlantis

You are souls who experienced Atlantis and returned to Earth in your current reality to complete the cycle and purpose of Atlantis: to embody your divine self and to enable machines, technology, and inner spiritual discovery to exist harmoniously. Conflict between spirit and technology led to...

(more info) $16.95
The Explorer Race Series (Book 20): Totality and Beyond

The Search for the Origin of Life — and Beyond

The book you are about to read attempts to explain and, to a degree, put an order to existence. You might reasonably ask, “What is the purpose?” The purpose is very simply this: In order for...

(more info) $24.95
Soul Recovery and Extraction

Spiritually, one can lose a soul piece by giving power away to someone or something else.

Soul recovery is about regaining the fragments of one’s soul energy that have been trapped or stolen by another person or lost through a traumatic incident...

(more info) $12.99