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Light Technology PublishingLight Technology Publishing offers Books of Light that give our readers Guidance and Benevolent-Magic Techniques to move them Safely through these Tumultuous Times.

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New Products

How God Did It, Not Why

This entire literary endeavor to separate Biblical literalism from observable reality was prompted by the fact that one supposedly erudite scholar managed to propound on American National Public Radio (with a presumably straight face) the "fact" that the Colorado River's Grand Canyon, a notable...

(more info) $16.95
The Sapiential Discourses: Universal Wisdom, Book II

The Sapiential Discourses, Book II contains more ancient wisdoms given to us from Source, which began in The Sapiential Discourses: Universal Wisdom. It is Source's ongoing conversation with humanity. As with the first book in this series, we are given information to assist us...

(more info) $16.95
12 Steps to a Lightness of Being

This unique book has been designed as if you were taking a very special spiritual development course in the comfort of your own home. Through its wisdom and guided meditations — included on the enclosed CDs to boost empowerment — 12 Steps to a Lightness of Being will...

(more info) $19.95
Numerology of Astrology: Degrees of the Sun

Lynn Buess has done it again! As an innovator in the consciousness and self-awareness field for over fifty years, he has now contributed a decidedly unique perspective of the time-honored system of astrology, helping humanity further understand its relationship to the universe. With this latest...

(more info) $17.95
Surrealistic Trials: Surviving My Life After Death

We all have reasons for doing the things we do.

We all have our own realities.

It is my blessing to have more than one.

— Hilary Jamron

When Hilary died, part of her...

(more info) $16.95
Great Minds Speak to You

Many in spirit look on these times of difficulty, abundance, trouble, and innovation and wish to share with you their experiences and ideas. Some famous names and faces will come to mind as you read this book, and you will glean some fine information about their own learning, their own suffering...

(more info) $19.95