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Light Technology PublishingLight Technology Publishing offers Books of Light that give our readers Guidance and Benevolent-Magic Techniques to move them Safely through these Tumultuous Times.

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Dr ToddNow you can get Dr. Todd's Laser-Enhanced Supplements

Dr. Todd, as he is called, is a widely respected researcher, pioneering Laser Physicist and speaker on the topics of Anti-Aging and Life Enhancement and an expert in the Field of Longevity and DNA rejuvenation.

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New Products

The Real History of Earth

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Welcome to the Real History of the Earth. You will not find this material in your high school or college history classes. In fact, the so-called “powers that be” who appear to control the educational process on this planet...

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Connecting With The Arcturians 3

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Energy fields, higher vibrations, and the evolution of humanity

The themes of this book focus on the evolution of humanity, the next stage
of our planetary development, the...

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33 Keys To Ascension

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A comprehensive guide for ascension and enlightenment for the modern-day world.

Includes 2 CDs with meditations and toning!

This book is for those who seek the...

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The Mystery of Time

What is time? Is it merely a convenient way of measuring the movement of celestial bodies, or is it something much more? Why is it important to go beyond the daily clock and calendar? Are the secrets to life hidden within the mystery of time?

This book seeks to answer these...

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The Women of Lemuria

Is it possible that a place called Lemuria existed? What about the missing continent of MU? What does being a Lemurian actually mean for you today? The answer to these questions and more is revealed in this book.

Australian author, Monika Muranyi, has compiled everything that Kryon has...

(more info) $17.95
ETS From UFO Casebook's Best Pictures Speak

This book is for those who are interested in things that are new, different, exciting, or mysterious. Perhaps you will discover your likes and dislikes are not only associated with Earth and your personality, family, and friends. Some of it might actually be associated with your extraterrestrial...

(more info) $16.95