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Light Technology PublishingLight Technology Publishing offers Books of Light that give our readers Guidance and Benevolent-Magic Techniques to move them Safely through these Tumultuous Times.

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Dr. Todd, as he is called, is a widely respected researcher, pioneering Laser Physicist and speaker on the topics of Anti-Aging and Life Enhancement and an expert in the Field of Longevity and DNA rejuvenation.

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New Products

Kryon (Book 14): The New Human — The Evolution of Humanity

Have you ever wondered about Human evolution? Are we actually evolving at all? This entire book is dedicated to the channelings of KRYON, who lovingly describes some of the truly unexpected aspects of what the New Human means and the coming evolution of our species.

The phrase "the New...

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Spirit of the Western Way

Change Your Reality by Changing Your Mind

“This book describes the systematic and problematic features of your mindset and the society that your collective consciousness is manufacturing so that you can change them. Until you know what has been done to...

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The Explorer Race Series (Book 23): Steps on the Path of Transformation, Volume

Now Available!

As you read this material, this is what to keep in mind: Your path might be completely different from what this book attempts to show you. So when you read this material, don’t think, “I can’t possibly do that.” Rather, think about what is...

(more info) $19.95
Connecting with the Arcturians 2

Planetary Transformation from a Galactic Perspective

This follow-up to Connecting with the Arcturians contains the latest channeled teachings from Juliano, the Arcturians, and two Andromedan spirit guides, Heylang and Gurhan. It covers topics such...

(more info) $16.95
The Living Alphabet

This book includes Techniques, Intentions, and Mantras!

Now more than ever, cursive handwriting needs to be included in our curriculum of evolution because appropriate cursive maintains neurological connections, establishes new pathways to...

(more info) $14.95
Angels and Ascension

Integrate Celestial Energy for a Benevolent Life

Much support is available for humanity. Angelic support has always been available, but people did not know about it because they were looking for a tangible support system — something they could see, feel,...

(more info) $16.95