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Stone, Dr. Joshua David

Dr. Joshua David Stone

Joshua David Stone (December 1953–August 2005) was an American author, teacher, and spokesperson for the ascension movement. His most prominent topics were ascension and meditation techniques. He also wrote a number of books on the topic of spiritual psychology.

With the growing popularity of the World Wide Web, he also composed one of the more comprehensive websites on spirituality, which has often been used as a point of reference on New Age topics. Furthermore, he founded an academy for spiritual studies by the name of Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy & Ashram (MSLA), which then later developed into the I AM University.

In the 1990s, Dr. Stone initiated the Wesak celebrations at Mount Shasta, California, which are annual spiritual gatherings that spawned a lot of interest—and controversy—in the New Age movement. The last Wesak celebration hosted by Dr. Stone in Mount Shasta took place in 2004. The Wesak celebrations in Mount Shasta are still carried on today.
In 2004 Dr. Stone founded the Ascended Master Teachings organization, the I AM University, a spiritual university to teach students how to integrate all walks of faith.

After his death, Gloria Excelsias took over the leadership the I AM University. It has been relocated from central Coastal California near San Luis Obispo to Salzburg, Austria where it continues to make the legacy of Dr. Stone available to serve students of spirituality worldwide.

Ascension Series (Book 01): The Complete Ascension Manual

Stone has gleaned the essentials from vast research as well as intuitive information and woven them into a simple and engrossing exploration of self-realization.

Ascension Series (Book 02): Soul Psychology; Keys to Ascension

There are tens of thousands of self-help books on psychology and human relationships; however, there are very few that integrate the topics of the soul and spirit into the picture.

Ascension Series (Book 03): Beyond Ascension

This book brings forth incredible new channeled material that completely demystifies the seven levels of initiation and how to attain them. It contains revolutionary new information on how to anchor and open our thirty-six chakras and how to build our light quotient at a rate of speed never dreamed possible.

Ascension Series (Book 04): Hidden Mysteries

The Essenes, the Kahunas of Hawaii, Pan and the nature kingdom, the angelic kingdom, the Vedas and Upanishads, the Kabbalah, the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, the Egyptian mysteries, and the Keys of Enoch—these profound spiritual teachings, unknown to so many on our planet, are a valuable resource available to anyone wishing to move further along the path to enlightenment and ascension.

Ascension Series (Book 05): The Ascended Masters Light the Way

This book is dedicated to the saints and spiritual masters of all the religions and spiritual paths that have graced this planet. The lives and teachings of thirty-nine of the world’s greatest spiritual beacons provide a blueprint for total self-realization.

Ascension Series (Book 06): Cosmic Ascension

Almost all the books on the planet on the subject of ascension are written about planetary ascension. However, because of the extraordinary times in which we now live, in terms of Earth’s history, there is a new opening and potentiality to also begin one’s cosmic ascension process.

Ascension Series (Book 07): A Beginner's Guide to the Path of Ascension

This volume covers the basics of ascension clearly and completely, from the spiritual hierarchy to the angels and star beings, in Dr. Stone’s easy-to-read style. From his background in psychology, he offers a unique perspective on such issues as karma, the transcendence of the negative ego, the power of the spoken word, and the psychology of ascension.

Ascension Series (Book 08): Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing

This volume represents the wisdom of the ascended masters condensed into concise keys that serve as a spiritual guide.

Ascension Series (Book 09):  Manual for Planetary Leadership

Here at last is an indispensable book that has been urgently needed in these uncertain times. This book lays out, in an orderly and clear fashion, the guidelines for leadership in the world and in ones’ own life.

Ascension Series (Book 10): Your Ascension Mission

We are all as unique as individual snowflakes, intricately designed so that no two are alike, yet when observed as a whole, we form the blended essence of lightworkers, merging into vaster and fuller aspects of God, the one great whole. Each of us holds a very specialized piece of the divine puzzle of God, or the whole. The more attuned we become to God, the more we are called to find and fulfill that specialized piece of the puzzle belonging to ourselves alone. When we find this puzzle piece and embrace it, we are then able to fulfill our divine mission on this Earth.

Ascension Series (Book 11): Revelations of a Melchizedek Initiate

This book traces the author’s journey of ascension through the seven levels of initiation, through the process of anchoring and activating his fifty chakras, expanding to a 99% light quotient, then on to anchoring and fully activating all twelve bodies, which include the five higher bodies. Exactly how this is done is shared, through in-depth information given on the workings of the inner-plane ashram under the guidance of Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, and Lord Melchizedek.

Ascension Series (Book 12): How to Teach Ascension Classes

This book serves as an ideal foundation for teaching ascension classes and doing workshops. The inner-plane ascended masters have guided Dr. Stone to put together this book, using his Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path as its foundation. Here you will find an entire one- to two-year program of classes for teaching from one to hundreds of student initiates.

Ascension Series (Book 13): Ascension and Romantic Relationships

Inspired by Djwhal Khul, Dr. Joshua David Stone has written a unique book about relationships from the perspective of the soul and monad rather than just the personality. This presents a broader picture of the problems and common traps of romantic relationships and offers much deeper and spiritually sound guidance and advice.

Ascension Series (Book 14): Complete Ascension Index

This companion volume to the groundbreaking Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path series will allow you easier access to the techniques and wisdom of Dr. Joshua David Stone. Within its pages, you will find ascension names and the ascended master terms glossary, along with a complete index of all the books in the series. The Complete Ascension Index is a valuable resource for anyone seeking the path to ascension and enlightenment.

Ascension Series (Book 15): How to be Financially Successful

The guiding principle in Dr. Stone’s classic work on business and prosperity consciousness is this: If you desire abundance for yourself, dedicate your life to helping others find abundance as well. As one of the most successful businessmen of the New Age movement, Dr. Stone has written an easily digestible book full of tools and advice for achieving prosperity. This book conveys esoteric secrets of the universe that, if mastered, can lead to maximum manifestation results.