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Kryon: The Whole Story - DVD

Kryon: The Whole Story - DVD
Carroll, Lee
Tober, Jan

Did you ever wonder what the basis of the Kryon work is? This DVD, authorized by Lee Carroll, explains what happened one fateful day in 1989 that would forever change our world.

Did you ever wonder what the basis of the Kryon work is? What happened in 1989 that brought about the movement? Who is Kryon, and how does all the channeled information stack up to what is actually happening on the planet right now? This DVD contains the answers to these and many more compelling questions in the from of an interview with Lee Carroll and Jan Tober by Canadian producer Peter Beamish.

As of this writing, the Kryon work, as represented by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, is responsible for more than sixteen years of loving teaching via twelve books—now available in twenty languages. Kryon has channeled four times at the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations in New York City, as recently as 2005. In 1997 Lee channeled the concept of Indigo children (Kryon Book Six), and he and Jan produced the best-selling Hay House book of the same name in 1999. This generated an indigo surge, which spun off many other Indigo books from numerous authors, as well as countless United States almost weekly and regularly presents to audiences numbering in the thousands throughout Europe.

So what's the big deal? What do the critics say? What is channeling, anyway, and why has it become so popular? Watch and listen as Lee and Jan answer the basic questions of how it all got started and address some more difficult concerns, such as whether there really is a new energy on the planet.

With music scored by Robert Coxon, best-selling Canadian recording artist, this professionally produced interview is different from almost any other New Age product of its kind. Peter Beamish sets the stage right from the beginning with an energy that will pull you into this mysterious realm of spirituality where the questions that many have asked are finally answered. So sit back, enjoy the conversation, and allow this profound spiritual story to unfold around you.

47 minutes
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