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Shifting Frequencies

Shifting Frequencies
Goldman, Jonathan

How Sound Can Change Your Life!
Now Includes a Bonus CD

Now, for the first time, healing sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman tells us about shifting frequencies—how to use sound and other modalities to change vibrational patterns for both personal and planetary healing and transformation.

Through his consciousness connection to Shamael, Angel of Sound, Jonathan shares his extraordinary scientific and spiritual knowledge and insights, providing information, instructions and techniques on using sound, light, color, visualization, and sacred geometry to experience shifting frequencies.

Explore the use of sound in ways you never imagined for healing and transformation. Discover harmonics as a key to opening to higher levels of consciousness. Learn about the angel chakra and what sounds may be used to activate this new energy center. Find out how to transmute imbalanced vibrations using your own sounds! Experience the secrets of crystal singing. Understand the importance of compassion in achieving ascension. The material in this book is both timely and vital for health and spiritual evolution.

Topics Include:

  • The Harmonics of Sound
  • Vibratory Resonance
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Vocalization and Visualization
  • God Name Chanting
  • Interdimensional Activation
  • Frequency and Intent
  • The Language of Light
6 x 9
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Great book to have and often refer to


I love this book. It contains a great overview of many subjects of interest to me. As a long-time student of cosmic law and an avid reader of similar books, I was very impressed by the scope of the coverage. I'm also a music lover, and the possibilities of relationships between sound, light and healing has always been a special love of mine. I'm giving this book to several young talented music students. Also to some other friends who want to learn about crystals and the energy in chakras. Thanks to the author for this book (my copy stays in my bookcase!).

I enjoyed reading this great

I enjoyed reading this great essay. I appreciate you giving this knowledge. I bought the book pizza tower. I conducted an experiment in which I instructed myself to attempt asking the most beneficent results over a period of time while keeping track of my findings. If it actually does work, I will then tell others about it. I had no preconceived notions about whether it would succeed or fail. I simply gave it a go.

Re to Shifting Frequencies

An enlightening exploration into the transformative power of sound and its connection to healing and spirituality. A fascinating journey into the realms of vibrational frequencies and their potential for personal and planetary evolution!
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