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Second Thunder

Second Thunder

Seeking the Black Ishayas

"Whatever it takes." That is the only attitude that is real, the only attitude that works, and the only attitude that assists one to reach the goal. "Whatever I have to do in order to realize enlightenment, that I will do." This was the viewpoint I adopted in the Himalayas, and the only one that could have carried me through my trials to the end.

For those who seek enlightenment, no other frame of mind can be substituted for this one. No other frame of mind will succeed. One must be willing to give up everything—only then can there be progress. For it is exactly where one digs in one’s heels and says, “So far and no farther.” There the ego draws the battleline.

It is not possessions, it is attachments that cause trouble. What must be given up? Nothing. What must one be willing to give up? Everything. When one is ready to be free from everything, life begins in earnest. The dawning of the true light is never far behind.

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This book can best be described as an experience.


This book can best be described as an experience. It took a bit for me to get oriented in the story but once there it is a fascinating journey with many lessons woven throughout a wonderful and hauntingly familiar tale of ancient humanity. This book takes place on many different levels of consciousness at once it is an awesome read. Not really for beginners. And best when read the second and third time. would recommend reading "First Thunder" first. enjoy...