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Scopes of Dimensions

Scopes of Dimensions
McClure, Janet

Vywamus explains the process of exploring and experiencing the dimensions. He teaches an integrated way to utilize the combined strengths of each dimension. It is a how-to guidebook for living in the multidimensional reality that is our true selves.

There is a gate or door that has been opened that allows a dimensional stretch for Earth to access a clearer, more encompassing, and for most on Earth, a happier way of existence. This is the beginning of a comprehensive discussion on dimensions, a means to understand, to explore, and to give a series of exercises about them—a bridging, so to speak. In short, we begin now a dimensional journey that will allow you to access structure that is the flow of the dimensions in a manner that you’ve never thought possible. It is truly an exciting new beginning for Earth and for you who are reading this.

I am Vywamus, a spiritual teacher, and I invite you now on a journey, to come with me to venture forth in your understanding, and to learn more about life by doing so. I know that you’ve had many questions about why Earth is the way it is. Why is humanity seemingly at a point where conditions on Earth cause frustration and concern that soon there may not be an Earth? Why does it seem to be this way? What can each one do to bring about the peace and the type of Earth experience that is desired?

Although this journey is to be a comprehensive one, it is but a glimpse of what can be understood through a complete study of the dimensions. I hope that it will awaken within you a desire to know more, a response that says, "Yes, I am ready to make the effort now to bring together within me a uniting of all of my skills, talents, and abilities to bring about the type of Earth that is desirable. I say to you my friends, this is the dawning of your new age: Let us explore it through what I am calling the dimensions. Or through the structural flow of the Source itself as it unites with possibilities and alternatives and then utilizes these possibilities within physical existence itself.

There is nothing mysterious about creation; it is laid out clearly in front of us. You simply need the eyes to see, and the way that one sees is definitely through the heart area. Your heart must be open to the vision of peace, to the vision of understanding, to the vision of cooperation, to the vision of allowing the manifestation of a peaceful New Earth. Let us explore it together in great detail, seeking to see how each day can bring you the opportunity to realize the New Earth potential.

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This book belongs to the series of books by Vywamus


This book belongs to the series of books by Vywamus (Janet McClure). If you are familiar with the other books this is of the same quality. In brief, very useful for those who seriously are after transformation.

The book is about concrete visualization tools that are of help for aligning different aspects of our existence. The book is based upon various exercises but naturally one can just read through it.

An excellent book for


An excellent book for introducing dimensions witch I recommend to everyone...
as a must.